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The Kanoo Innovation Hub is a joint venture between Crypto Isle and Kanoo Pays to make innovation a cultural transformation in the Caribbean.

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Innovation shouldn't be left to chance.
It should be a choice!

Our mission is to FIND innovative Caribbean founders, developers and corporations.

FUND next-gen solutions and FOSTER innovators throughout their evolution from seed round to exit.

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Learn more about the Kanoo Innovation Hub and see if this is the right opportunity for you. You’ll discover how this one-of-kind Caribbean accelerator can help you build and scale your innovative projects and raise funding from global investors.

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Programs Costs

Startup Innovation Program

This stage comprises a carefully curated syllabus of topics that are offered virtually, 5-days per week between 11am - 1pm. The sessions are taught by global industry professionals and culminate in a pitch day for prizes and access to the second stage.  Nightly coaching sessions and a pitch seminar are available for additional support.
*Fee only applicable for successful candidates


The Pre-Acceleration program is a 4-week cohort that also features daily virtual sessions, group and one-on-one.  This stage focuses on crystalizing your MVP (minimal viable product). Only 30 participants in this stage and all will pitch for pre-seed investments and access to the Silicon Valley Accelerator at the end of the program.
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Silicon Valley Accelerator

Hero Training
Access to Investor Network
Access to Seed Round Funding
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Program Details

Startup Innovation Program
Week 1
- Technologies of the future
- Turning ideas into products that change the world
- Designing the next unicorn
- Figuring out the right business model
- Virtual Hero-thon with unique prizes
- Fundamentals of growth and sales
Week 2
- How and when to incorporate your company
- Everything you need to know about fundraising
- Become a leader and identify your blind spots
- Let’s build great teams
- Introduction to Web3
- Blockchain Business Model Design
- Construct the perfect business pitch
- Pitch to investors (early-stage funding)

The Startup Innovation Program also includes a preparatory seminar called Introduction to Blockchain.
Apply Starting December 15th 2022 (Qualifying Candidates Only)
Week 1
- Opening and orientation
- Start-up business and ecosystem
- Lean product development
- Sales and marketing
- Mentoring
- Blockchain products
Week 2
- Prototype thinking
- Beyond the metaverse
- Regulation
- Sandboxes for innovation
- Weekly check-in and pitch practice
Week 3
- Mentoring
- Tokenomics and term sheets
- Traction and customer
- Perfecting your pitch
- Web3 Entrepreneur Tools
- Industry expert meetings
Week 4
- Intro to growth hacking
- Mentoring
- Power up your network
- Smart contract design
- Industry experts meeting
- Traction and customer
- Demo-day – Pitch to investors (Pre-Seed Funding)
Silicon Valley Experience
Apply Starting March 2023 (Qualifying Candidates Only)
This is a 5-week long immersion program offered in Silicon Valley, where the top 10 from the Pre-Accelerator will develop the essential start-up skills that they need to monetize their innovation, while gaining exposure to industry experts and network with like-minded entrepreneurs who share innovative visions of changing the world.

Key Dates

Our Team

Davinia Bain
An economist by profession with more than 20 years of experience and a nation-builder at heart, Davinia Bain is a progressive, unifying leader with a talent for connecting the dots that forge partnerships, strengthen organizations and elevate communities.

As the inaugural Executive Director, Davinia led the institutionalization of the Access Accelerator Small Business Development, overseeing more than $70M in the disbursement of funds to more than 1,900 clients across more than 40 industries and 15 islands.

She is the co-founder of Crypto Isle, a co-working space and community for developing a thriving ecosystem for smart, efficient, and blockchain-infused businesses.
Nicholas Rees
Nicholas Rees, is a two-time Olympian, FinTech visionary and chartered certified accountant born on the Island of Grand Bahama.

Nicholas serves as Chairman and Co-founder of Kanoo Pays ("Kanoo"), the world's first licensed payment institution to achieve integration, interoperability and processing of secure Central Bank Digital Currency ("CBDC") payments.

Kanoo is now the Caribbean's leading super app offering an integrated digital marketplace and wallet experience. Nicholas' vision is to provide true financial inclusion and empowerment by connecting the people and businesses of the Caribbean through technology.

Program Partners

About Draper University

Draper's investment ecosystem is one of the largest in the world: It includes Draper Associates, Draper Venture Network and Draper University Venture Fund. This network has invested over $3.5 Billion, resulting in 34+ Unicorn companies and 6+ Rhino companies. Draper's Investor Ecosystem is a big support of early stage investment and developing aspiring entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world. Its portfolio includes companies like Tesla, Hotmail, Skype, Coinbase and Twitch.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who are Kanoo and Crypto Isle?
Kanoo is a digital wallet and payment service provider, committed to using its success to help foster innovation in The Bahamas and regionally as part of its mission to bring security, prosperity, empowerment, and convenience to its users. Crypto Isle is a co-working space and community that provides resources for beginning crypto enthusiasts to deepen their knowledge base and an ecosystem for industry leaders to connect, learn and earn. Crypto Isle sees the maximization of blockchain and crypto as an engine for economic development.

Q: What is the Kanoo Innovation Hub (KIH)?
The Kanoo Innovation Hub is an innovation accelerator designed in conjunction with Draper University. The program accelerates startups by ensuring participants have tools, techniques, funding and the mindset to lead, to find problems and create innovative solutions. The multi-staged program gets founders in front of global investors to pitch for funding and the opportunity to advance to the next stage of the program, culminating in selection for Draper University’s in-person immersion program in Silicon Valley.

Q: What is Draper University?
Draper University is a leading acceleration program in Silicon Valley They share a common vision of the future of tech startups with Kanoo Innovation Hub to foster growth and innovation.  Draper's investment ecosystem is one of the largest in the world: It includes Draper Associates, Draper Venture Network and Draper University Venture Fund. This network has invested over $3.5 Billion, resulting in 34+ Unicorn companies and 6+ Rhino companies. Draper's Investor Ecosystem is a big support of early stage investment and developing aspiring entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world. Its portfolio includes companies like Tesla, Hotmail, Skype, Coinbase and Twitch.

Q: Who can apply to the Kanoo Innovation Hub Accelerator?
Anyone with an innovative product/idea is encouraged to apply! We are looking for founders who already have or are involved in innovative projects or who are looking to conceptualize and operationalize new projects.


Q: Are the classes in person or virtual?
Classes are virtual and can be taken wherever you are! If your preference is to join in person, the class will also be streamed at Crypto Isle.

Q: Will we get a certificate?
Yes! After completing the program we will have a closing ceremony recognizing all participants for joining us on the journey that includes a Draper University certificate and listing in our group of alumni and DraperU’s alumni.

Q: Are we going to learn blockchain and crypto currencies?
Yes, you will get a working understanding of the concepts so you can decide on how best these technologies can be harnessed for your business. Additional resources for deep dives into these technologies will also be provided.

Q: Are we going to learn coding?
No, this is a fundamentals of entrepreneurship course. However, Crypto Isle and Draper University’s worldwide ecosystem makes it much easier to find and pair with great coders, developers, and engineers. If you decide to pursue coding yourself we will also recommend a few suitable pathways for you.

Q: What will I take with me once I graduate from this program?
The ultimate takeaway is access to investors. Even at the Startup Innovation stage, participants will pitch in front of investors for early stage investments. Most importantly, you can walk away with the opportunity to advance to the next stage of the program that brings you closer to $250K -$3M in seed capital and global networks!

Q: What kinds of industries do you consider?
The only requirement is that the founder has a concept that's innovative in any industry. Businesses are not our target, innovation is.

Q: Are there prizes?
This program is not a pitch competition; however, we do award prizes! The top 3 innovative founders and their projects will advance to the Pre-Acceleration stage for free, that's a value of $4,000 each. The top participant will also be offered early stage cash  investment of $5,000.

Q: Are there scholarships?
Candidates that apply before October 30th are eligible for early applicant scholarships for up to 100% of program cost.

Q: Do I have to pay for access to funding?
The program does not require a success fee for successful access to funding at the Startup Innovation stage. Future funding stages, for qualifying candidates,  include a nominal equity stake in lieu of success fees. We succeed as you succeed.

Q: Can I apply to stage 2 without going through stage 1?
Yes, however your chances of success are greater when you build upon the foundational blocks of each stage.


Q: When are applications open?
Applications open on October 3rd, 2022.

Q: When is the application deadline?
The deadline for application November 21, 2022

Q: How long is the program?
The program will take place between November 28 – December 12, 2022 from 11am - 1pm Eastern Standard Time. The program will be hosted via zoom.

Q: When can I expect to be notified that I have been accepted into the program?
We encourage participants to apply early. After the initial application and the embed essay or video requirement is reviewed, the applicant will be interviewed. Within 5 business days after the interview you will receive notification of acceptance. The program is a rolling admission process and a maximum of 200 persons will be accepted.


Q: What is the application process?
Step 1: Basic application with demographic information and an essay or video in response to: “Pitch us your innovation OR tell us why you were put on this Earth.”
Step 2: Interview
Step 3: Acceptance to Startup Innovation Fellowship Program
Step 4: Pay for program to complete enrollment

Q: How can I prepare for my interview?
We will conduct an informal 15 minute interview. We want to learn more about you, so remember to just be yourself! Remain connected to your conviction about your innovation and your personal reason for caring about it.

Q: Will Kanoo Innovation Hub and Draper University sign an NDA?
A: No. Participants will be asked to sign a waiver pertaining to confidentiality and general conduct during the program. The pitch days will be in front of investors locally and globally.  Please only share information you feel is necessary to secure funding. Intellectual property should be kept confidential.

Q: How will the ideas/businesses that students generate be evaluated?
A: We will have a panel of investors and members of the Kanoo Innovation Hub and  Draper University team that will evaluate the companies.

Still have questions? Email or call us using the contact information below.